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Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to organize a small bathroom! + Bathroom tour

Hey ladies I'm sooo sorry I've been MIA for a while now! I moved into a new apartment about a month ago and on top of that have a crazy, busy work schedule! All excuses aside... I've missed you guys and blogging in general! Today I'm going to show you my bathroom and the way I organize a rather small space, some things maybe be somewhat obvious in a bathroom {buying a shower caddy, etc} others ...not so much! So I hope you can gain some useful tips and information from my post!

So I will preface by saying that I have the luxury of having this bathroom to myself! My fiance and I moved into a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment so he has his things in the guest bathroom and has no problem keeping separate bathrooms! But even if we had to share {and we definitely have before} he doesn't have too many toiletries should it wouldn't change my set up too much.

So let's get into to it, here is an overview on my bathroom!

First, I'll show you some of the decor and also some easy storage hints!

  • adding a storage box to the back of toilet is an easy way to add MORE storage and also a convenient place to put unmentionables *cough* tampons, etc. haha I also store q-tips, cotton pads (for makeup removal) and makeup remover wipes! Box is from AC Moore, similar here.

  • Note: Some may find my shower curtain loud and possibly juvenile but I can't help it it just makes me happy haha Shower Curtain: Ross, similar styles here Keys: Tuesday Mornings Towels: Target

Overview of the sink area, now more on the organization:

  • I obsessed with this idea! Keep a small container {glass candle-like holder, basket, etc} filled with sample products all us women have too many of! This way they're out, you see them and you're more likely USE them, which is the point right...? Container: TJ Maxx

  • This SHOULD go without saying shower caddy are absolutely essential and if you don't have one, you're seriously missing out on a serious space saver and de-clutterer. As you can see I LOVE my hair/bath products so mines pretty full but that's okay... that is what they're for.

  • If you're lucky enough to have a medicine cabinet these are life savers as far as storage goes! Mines very run of the mill, I have things organize by size and also by way they are, like the bottom shelf is all skincare/face stuff.  

If you DO NOT have a medicine cabinet my tips for organizing under the sink would be PERFECT for recreating a medicine cabinet-like feel! Now on to under the sink...

    •  On the left side of the cabinet I upcycled a 3 drawer plastic container I wasn't using and use it for hair accessory storage {more details on that to come} and on top I keep things I constant reach for: my hairbrush, hairspray, dry shampoo & heat protectant . I also keep my cleansing system from Rite aid aka a knock off Clarisonic and my teeth whitening kit.

    • Clockwise from top left: the 1st drawer has all my soft headbands and the small cylinder container has tiny ponytail holders, 2nd drawer has hard headbands and more ponytail holders, 3rd drawer has bun makers and a terry cloth headband that I use to pull my hair back when I wash my face.
    • Obviously, you can customize these drawers to YOUR needs but that fact that you can organize your madness and have room for other things in the cabinet is a win, win!

    •  On the right side of the cabinet, though it looks less organized it's still very functional! The blue basket stores hair tools like my straightener and blow dryer, also hair clips and an extra brush, behind that I have extra toilet paper and a towel to wipe down the sink area. In front, I have face toner and wash on the left and hair serums and leave in conditioners on the right!
    So far this lay out and set up has really been working for me! It's easy to keep clean and it's so nice to have everything have it's own home. Were any of these tips surprising or new for you? What tip is YOUR favorite? Anything you think I missed? Let me know in a comment below! :)

    As always thanks for reading and until next time!
    xo Leah

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    1. I have a small bathroom and way too much stuff! I love your idea for setting your samples out on the counter. I think I'll try that!

    2. Those golden keys are so cute :)
      Would you like to follow each other on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin? Please let me know :)
      Dolce Kisses ♥

    3. Leah i see you are still up to producing fine work!!! Need some great new tips for the coming spring season... what's the directional flow? I know you are chocked full of ideas!

    4. Great storage solutions!

      Ray | Obey Ray