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Monday, July 22, 2013

Collective Beauty Haul & SALES alert!

So in the past 2 weeks or so I've managed to collect a decent amount of pretty beauty related things to show you AND score some great makeup deals! So I wanted to share, so you ladies can check your local stores and see if you find some of the same great stuff :)

First, am I behind the curve or has L'oreal recently released some awesome shades of lipsticks?! I'm not sure, I've never really kept up with L'oreal as much as the other Drugstore brands. I'm not sure why but I do know that I am NOT fond of the smell of their lipsticks (haha, does it remind anyone else of grandmas?) and usually smells don't bother me! None the less, I picked up 2 BEAUTIFUL shades that are both perfect for Summer!
Look how glossy and pretty they are! Left: Tropical Coral, Right: Peach Fuzz
Besides the smell (classic L'oreal lipstick scent) these are so gorgeous and glossy! They are comfortable feeling on the lips and seem to wear pretty well to spite the wet looking formula! I just can't get over how pretty the colors are, especially Tropical Coral because I don't own anything like it! You may not be a huge fan of these if you despise frosts. I think Peach Fuzz comes across more as a frost than Tropical Coral though.

Left: Yellow Light w/ flash, Right: Natural light, no flash. L: Tropical Coral R: Peach Fuzz
BTW if you're wondering I got these at Walmart for 5.99, I saw them the next day at CVS for 8.99 just a heads up! :)

Speaking of CVS... I'm not a big fan of CVS at all, I find 99% of the time I can find everything they have for for less money else where ...BUT I heard they were have their big clearance sale and when there is a sale I'm there! I don't know if my local CVS had been picked over or if they didn't have many markdowns but I didn't see much on clearance. I still found 2 things both which I had really been wanting to try!

Orly nail polish - Rage, Covergirl simply ageless concealer
Orly Rage is one of those nail polishes that I've heard about a million times AND looked at just as many but just never bought, but as soon as I saw it was 50 percent off, I knew that today was the day! I also got the Covergirl & Olay simply ageless concealer in "very light" to use under my eyes to have a sort of highlighting effect. I've worn it once so far and it seemed to hold up really well, plus I've heard amazing reviews about it so if you see this (its on clearance at rite aid & cvs) I'd snatch it up!

Next up: Rite Aid ... I stopped in on a whim just to look and see if they had gotten in the limited edition 8 pan Wet n' Wild palettes (sadly, they hadn't) but I found some MAJOR SCORES! Attn: SALES ALERT: if you missed out on any of the latest collection of the Summer limited edition Maybelline color tattoos go to your local Rite Aid because if they have any left (mine had plenty) they are 50% off!!! Heads up: the colors at my rite aid were NOT marked on clearance, I picked out "Icy Mint" and a few other things and checked out. When the cashier told me my total I thought it was cheaper than it was suppose to be, so I looked at my receipt and sure enough the the color tattoo was half off! I immediately went back and get the second one I had be eying haha Remember, only the limited edition shades are half off, not the colors in the permanent collection.

Waves of white: beautiful iridescent shimmer, Icy Mint: true mint & like nothing I have in my collection
I also found something I had been looking for literally months and months, possibly a year and had never manage to find. When I saw it I literally squealed with excitement! (and my fiance can atest to that haha) I found Pinkerbell lipstick from Wet n' Wild also known as the dupe for the Mac's Viva Glam Nicki lipstick! I was so excited to finally find this dupe! Wet n' Wild must be making more of an effort to get this lipstick to more stores because I just spotted it in a different Rite Aid yesterday!

Note how it's 2 different colors, if you own this shade is/was yours the same way!? So bizarre, as soon as i swatched it the coral seemed to disappear from the top.
Pinkerbell: It's so much brighter in person!
Honestly, I don't know if I can put this color off but I'm going to try! Plus if I can't it was only 1.99! Also from Wet n Wild I got there gel eyeliner, I've heard a lot of good things about it {some people say its as good, if not better than Bobbi Brown!} so I figured why not?!

Lastly I got I went to big lots and get this 3 piece brush set from Ecotools for $4.50! Which is awesome considering I just saw the same exact kit in Rite Aid yesterday for 12.99. I don't really need any brushes but I'm obsessed with stippling brushes so that was my excuse, plus I do need a new "eyelash comb" brush -or whatever they are called!
That raps up my beauty bargain haul! Found a lot of good stuff for super cheap and that's always fun! What's your latest makeup score!? Let me know in the comments :)

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rimmel Show off: First Impression!

So as most of you beauties may know the UK based Rimmel apocalips lip lacquers have made there way over seas (as well as had a name changed) and landed in the US! I somehow did not know much about these before starting to see beautiful swatches on some of my favorite blogs/youtube channels, right away I was so impressed with how pigmented they seemed and decided I MUST get my hands on some!

Amazingly- my sweet future sister-in-law surprised me with the 2 I had be lusting over the most and made my whole day!
Left: Luna, Right: Celestial
Left: Luna, Right: Celestial

Gorgeous aren't they!?
Luna- matte light peach, light coral (my new OBSESSION!)
Celestial- mauvy, dusty rose pink

And -hold on to your compact!- they are just as pigmented as they look! ...

With flash.
Natural light, no flash.
I can say these are FOR SURE the best lipstick/lip gloss hybrid I have ever tried! Usually, in my experience, extremely pigmented liquid lipsticks are drying or very uncomfortable on the lips. I found these to be extremely comfortable on the lips AND non-sticky, it truly is the best of both worlds! For me these last a considerable amount of time (around 4 hours). They also seem to leave a light stained affected, in a flattering way!

Where to buy: So far they seem to be limited to Wal-greens and are 4.99

Over all I think these are great and beautiful! I want more colors, they're all so pretty! Have you picked up any shades? Have any color recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

For the love of lipstick!: Summer edition

Everyone girl knows the old saying "Can't leave the house without your lipstick" or has heard a women proclaim, "I feel naked without lipstick!" Either way, lipstick is like a woman's best friend. A little dose of awesome to slightly brighten your day. I don't know exactly what it is about those dainty little tubes but I do know they are so pretty and cute... and of course fun to collect! This brings me to Summer, even during summer when you have scaled back your fall and winter makeup routine, lipstick can be the perfect pick me up to dress up your look or just make you feel more put together!

I want to share with you guys lipsticks I love and reach for regularly and some decent shade ranges when it comes to color, and summer is a great season to do so! Let's get to it.
stay tuned for swatches (which show the real color more accurately!) :)
1. Rimmel lasting finish by Kate lipstick in color 109
2. Wet n' Wild matte lipstick in l 903c Just Peachy
3. ELF essential lipstick in 7710 Flirtatious
4. Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in 415 Pink in the afternoon
5. Rimmel lasting finish by Kate lipstick in 101

1. Rimmel's Kate # 109: I wanted to take an individual shot of this shade because it's showing up more red in most of the pictures and it really is a great hot, darken coral... I've never seen any lipstick like it, including anything high end.

this shows the color a lot more accurate!

If you are a coral/peach fan you have to have this lipstick in your life! It's a gorgeous matte finish but it isn't drying or uncomfortable on your lips and like I said I haven't seen anything like it before so it's definitely worth picking up! Cost: around 5 dollars

2. Wet n' Wild's Just Peachy:  This is a great, creamy light peach shade! It's amazingly pigmented and one of the only true peach shades I own! It's also a matte finish but if you're not a huge fan of matte lipsticks, you could always put a nude/coral gloss over it, that would be beautiful! Cost: 2.99

3. Elf's Flirtatious: This color reminds me of a "barbie doll pink" without being frosty (ew.) or too "bubble gum". Its a creamy vibrant, hot pink and it's PERFECT for summer! It's got a nice scent and great color pay off! Cost: 1 dollar (!!!)

4. Revlon's Pink in the afternoon: This is one of my all time favorite lip colors its the perfect blend between mauvey pink and vibrant pink, it meets in the middle to make a wearable, everyday pink for any season! It's very comfortable on the lips & pretty long wearing. So flattering color and I believe it would be great for most skin tones! Cost: $5-8 Find out more of my favorite Revlon lip colors & the cheapest place to buy them!

5. Rimmel's Kate in 101: This is my go to cool toned pink, it's also got a hint of mauve that makes it very wearable and not too light for my complexion (nudes and really light pinks tend to wash me out) This is a staple pink to have in your collection {it is also a suppose dupe for Mac's please me, score!}

If you're not completely sold, here are the swatches in natural light!

Hope you ladies in enjoyed this post! I hope I have inspired you to run out and get one or a few of these shades for the season! Please let me know in the comments below what your Summertime lipstick staples are? I'm always interested in buying more! haha

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A little 4th of July Glitter!

Hey beauties! Just wanted to quickly posted what I did to my nails for 4th of July, as I said in my last post I've been getting into to doing my nails more and thought this would be a fun & easy way to start off sharing with you guys! What are your plans for tomorrow? or even the weekend? I plan to spend it with my fiance and his family playing games, grilling out and of course fireworks! (that is if it doesn't rain on us, it's been raining ALL week in NC)

Breakdown of the Polish:

If you are unfamiliar with love & beauty it's forever 21's line of beauty stuff and they have a lot glitter polishes in some fantastic hues! Wet n' wild I recommend getting from Rite Aid or Walgreens and Sinful colors you can get at Walgreens & some Targets

And this is what I did!
Had to photograph it with a Viva Glam lipstick to be even more patriotic lol
I simply painted all my nails red, followed but the awesome royal blue glitter and I was going to stop there but I kept thinking about my awesome Fergie star polish and how this was the perfect opportunity to use it. I just did an accent nail of the star polish because it is difficult to manage getting the stars on the brush, usually end up just using my fingers to apply, haha

So I feel like it's a little tacky but I love it! A holiday is a perfect excuse to be alittle tacky anyway!

I hope I inspired any of you last minute nail do-ers to be a little festive with our Independence day and get to paintin'! Have a safe and happy 4th everyone!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Bits & Bobs: Big Lots mini haul & messy buns!

As I said in my first "Bits & Bobs" post, I decided to start a semi-regular series little "bits & bobs" of things I've been loving recently, products I've used or purchased throughout the week, etc! That way I get to tell you guys the good the bad and the ugly of products and you can do the same (if you'd like) in the comments :)

So Saturday me and my other half went to Big Lots we had to get some spray paint to upcycle some thrift finds and of course I had to go down the beauty aisle (which of course I bee line to before stopping to look at anything else) and I only picked up a few items, I have to really refrain myself from buying more than I need. [and "need" is a term I use very loosely, haha] But, I LOVE what I picked up and of course the prices are so great! If you're not a Big Lots shopper, you can read more about my love affair with it in this post!

It doesn't look too impressive here, but the close ups are better!
First I spotted this Revlon "diamond lust" eyeshadow in 105 plum galaxy. I had seen this eyeshadow before regularly priced and just passed it up because I don't need it, but for a buck... what's not to love? Plus it's so freakin' shimmery, I'm a sucker.

2 different types of lighting, don't forget to maximize!
I still think it's beautiful, I just don't think it swatches quite as nicely as it looks in the pan, oh well it's a dollar!

Their nail polish selection was slim but I found really pretty polish by Revlon colorstay lined called "Calla Lily" it's a creamy ivory color with beautiful duochrome shimmer. Upon looking up the color, it's sheer but I think it'd be super nice over a nude or off white color.
This picture captures the shimmer accurately! photo credit: here.
Again it was a dollar, you can't beat it!

My last score is my favorite because I'm a sucker for glittery top coats and I got 4 of them for 3 dollars. It's a miniture set of the Gem Crush line by Sally Hansen {btw, fun fact: did you know that Sally Hansen isn't even a real women? It's just a made up name... that makes me kinda sad haha} They are all pretty unique colors that I don't have similar to!
love the different subtle color combinations!
They don't have any name on the bottles, or else I'd share that with you! But, I can't wait to use these bad boys, I haven't been into nails for a while and this gets me excited to do mine again. That ends my little haul... not bad for 6 something dollars with tax!

Also, I wanted to show you guys how I've been wearing my hair lately, I've been rockin' a messy bun like crazy. First of all, it's Summer and it's hot as hell not too mention I've been pretty low maintenance lately and it's so nice to not have to do my hair. I rather do my makeup over my hair anyday, that's just me!

What do you think of messy buns? Do you think they can be chic if you dress them up? Or do you instantly think of playing sports or hitting the beach? Let me know in the comments below.

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