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Monday, July 1, 2013

Bits & Bobs: Big Lots mini haul & messy buns!

As I said in my first "Bits & Bobs" post, I decided to start a semi-regular series little "bits & bobs" of things I've been loving recently, products I've used or purchased throughout the week, etc! That way I get to tell you guys the good the bad and the ugly of products and you can do the same (if you'd like) in the comments :)

So Saturday me and my other half went to Big Lots we had to get some spray paint to upcycle some thrift finds and of course I had to go down the beauty aisle (which of course I bee line to before stopping to look at anything else) and I only picked up a few items, I have to really refrain myself from buying more than I need. [and "need" is a term I use very loosely, haha] But, I LOVE what I picked up and of course the prices are so great! If you're not a Big Lots shopper, you can read more about my love affair with it in this post!

It doesn't look too impressive here, but the close ups are better!
First I spotted this Revlon "diamond lust" eyeshadow in 105 plum galaxy. I had seen this eyeshadow before regularly priced and just passed it up because I don't need it, but for a buck... what's not to love? Plus it's so freakin' shimmery, I'm a sucker.

2 different types of lighting, don't forget to maximize!
I still think it's beautiful, I just don't think it swatches quite as nicely as it looks in the pan, oh well it's a dollar!

Their nail polish selection was slim but I found really pretty polish by Revlon colorstay lined called "Calla Lily" it's a creamy ivory color with beautiful duochrome shimmer. Upon looking up the color, it's sheer but I think it'd be super nice over a nude or off white color.
This picture captures the shimmer accurately! photo credit: here.
Again it was a dollar, you can't beat it!

My last score is my favorite because I'm a sucker for glittery top coats and I got 4 of them for 3 dollars. It's a miniture set of the Gem Crush line by Sally Hansen {btw, fun fact: did you know that Sally Hansen isn't even a real women? It's just a made up name... that makes me kinda sad haha} They are all pretty unique colors that I don't have similar to!
love the different subtle color combinations!
They don't have any name on the bottles, or else I'd share that with you! But, I can't wait to use these bad boys, I haven't been into nails for a while and this gets me excited to do mine again. That ends my little haul... not bad for 6 something dollars with tax!

Also, I wanted to show you guys how I've been wearing my hair lately, I've been rockin' a messy bun like crazy. First of all, it's Summer and it's hot as hell not too mention I've been pretty low maintenance lately and it's so nice to not have to do my hair. I rather do my makeup over my hair anyday, that's just me!

What do you think of messy buns? Do you think they can be chic if you dress them up? Or do you instantly think of playing sports or hitting the beach? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for checking out my bits and bobs for this week! Please comment, share and subscribe! xo



  1. ooo you totally scored on the nail polish set! How cute! Your messy bun looks nice. I too would rather do makeup than hair.

    1. Oh thank you so much for checking out my blog post! I really enjoy your blog, especially how you swatch everything! I'm glad we both found some good stuff at Big Lots, I'm jealous of your Julie G find! :)

  2. Did you just start this blog? Because it's AWESOME! Not sure how I got here but I'll def be staying! I'm loving all your praises of drugstore makeup & how to find awesome deals. I lovelovelove makeup but I'm terrible at using it well [I clearly missed that lesson as a teen] so there's no way I would buy high end product in the first place! I recently started working at Rite Aid so I've been buying tons & tons of makeup with my discount - practice makes perfect, right? Also, BIG LOTS. Why didn't I think to look there?! I'll be going there ASAP! Thanks again - & keep it up!

    1. Thanks so much Dani! I did just start it in June, I wish I would of started it a long time ago I'm obsessed with makeup & bargain hunting, so why not put the 2 together!? It's awesome that you're getting more into makeup and practice DOES make perfect! I hope to do more tutorials on here soon and eventually video tutorials, so definitely subscribe! Thanks so much for your kind words <3

  3. I really like your blog! I just stumbled onto it! I just started my blog recently and love checking out new blogs as well!

    1. I will follow yours! :) thanks so much for checking out mine Vivian!