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Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Lipsticks to help you transition into Fall!

Hey beauties! I hope your week is going well AND that you are looking forward to having a fabulous weekend! Today I am bringing you 5 lip colors that are PERFECT for transitioning into Fall, they're not too bold or too summery ...they are just right! Plus all of them are from the drugstore and 2 are only a one dollar! So let's dive in!

L to R: Wet n Wild Wine Room, Revlon Rosewine, NYC Sheer Red, e.l.f. classy, Maybelline bit of berry

{maximize for more detail} Top picture: natural light. Bottom picture: with flash

1. Wet n Wild "Wine Room" This shade is great mix of pinky, berry tones with a hint of red. The formula is a matte finish and is super opaque with just a swipe! Since it's matte it's super long lasting {especially for a drugstore formula} without being overly drying. This is a beautiful shade and I think it would be very flattering on a variety of skin tones! Price: $2

2. Revlon's "Rosewine" If you're intimidated by red lipstick this is a great color to ease your way into reds! It's a softer, more brick or tomato color! It's Revlon's super lustrous creme finish, so it will give you the perfect amount of shine without having to add a gloss! Try this for a "no fuss" way to rock a red lip! Price: $5-7

3. NYC's "Sheer Red" This lipstick is exactly like it's name... a sheer darkened red color! {for your reference the swatch above is 2 coats} I'd like to think this lipstick is kind of like a marriage between a Revlon lip butter and a lipstick: it's creamy and buttery but also has great color! This again, is a great way to wear red if you are just starting out with bold colors or just want a sheer wash of color! Price: $1

4. e.l.f.'s "Classy" I like to think of this shade as a great drugstore alternative to Mac's "Up the Amp" it's a mix of pink and purple tones, but it's still very wearable {more wearable than up the amp IMO!} I don't think I could pull off up the amp, but I do think this lipstick is very flattering for having purple tones! If you're all about baby pink lips, try this out for a hint of pink, with darker tones for fall! :) Price: $1

5. Maybelline's "Bit of Berry" If you just can't wait to rock a plum/berry toned lip, this lipstick is for you! Bit of berry is a super wearable berry shade which darkens the lips without being too much. Think of it as a darken version of your favorite pink! Again, a great tone to ease yourself into wearing berrys and plums! P.S. I just swatched this beside Mac's Craving and it's a dead on dupe! 5 dollar Mac dupe, score! Price: $5-7

There you have it, what do you think of my color choices? Do you have any lipstick recommendations that are perfect to ease into the Fall season? Please, share in a comment below! Until next time!

Leah xo
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  1. Im in love with the Wet N Wild color! I need to add that to my shopping list. I just posted one about lip products too! Great minds think alike :)