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Monday, September 2, 2013

A lesson learned from finding makeup dupes on the Internet!

Hello beauties! Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and holiday if you're in the US... I did with my family and mah main squeeze! On to the post ... if you know me you know I'm a makeup dupe freak! I make lists of them, I post them almost daily on my Instagram {follow me!} and I will also have SEVERAL prepared makeup dupes/alternative posts coming up this month, so be on the lookout! {Lots & lots of Mac dupes, ladies!} But, along with the searching for dupes, the excitement of finding a new dupe comes this: slowing finding out that lots of "supposed dupes" you find on the internet for high-end items, are not dupes at all. Does this infuriate anyone else but me? I. don't. understand. It's bound to happen, I guess and it just happened to me ...TODAY!

I was researching different products last night and pretty much stumbled across how a 3 dollar e.l.f. blush was a dupe of the 28 dollar Benefit Coralista. This instantly got my attention, because 1. I (the drugstore queen) actually have a smaller sample size of Coralista to compare the e.l.f. one too and 2. I know what a popular brush this among makeup lovers so I thought this would be GREAT dupe to report! So, I went out to Target and picked up Candid Coral blush by e.l.f. ...truth is, I have no idea why I haven't bought this blush earlier, I'm obsessed with coral makeup. I just always assumed it was the same blush that was in their Contouring Blush & Bronzer duo because they looked similar... but this is not the case!

Anyway, I got the home with the e.l.f. blush and instantly opened it and I was excited because looked very similar to Coralista in the pan!

Left: e.l.f. candid coral Right: benefit coralista

Looks good, right!? Looks really, really good. But then I swatched them...

Left: e.l.f. candid coral Right: benefit coralista
Turns out... they're pretty freakin' different. candid coral is much more coral and has a beautiful golden iridescence, almost duo-chrome & coralista is more frosty and definitely more baby doll pink. Honestly, this made me dislike Coralista even more... why is it called coralista if it's a baby doll pink? I don't get it and honestly, I think it's overrated haha. ANYWAY, it is truly crazy how these blushes look so alike in the pan and so different swatched... they really aren't comparable at all once swatched.

So the lesson learned is always do your homework before believe or reposting a dupe, unless you see swatches side by side, I'd proceed with caution in actually believing something is a dupe for something else! Unless, of course, it's a friend or blogger your really trust, etc.

I hope this was helpful to you ladies, it certainly was a learning exprience for me! BTW, if you don't have candid coral I do recommend getting it for 3 dollars {obviously, I just got it today} but it looks utterly gorgeous swatched. Until next time!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! It's funny, I get a lot of ppl saying they like my freckles, but I've never liked them! Come back tomorrow, I'm doing a contouring post!

    xo Lulu
    *What I'm Loving Fridays linkup*

  2. Great post, and this was perfect for me. I have really wanted Coralista and Candid Coral, but after seeing the two together... I think I'm leaning more towards Candid Coral. Now if only my Target would carry it. They have a huge supply of a pink blush and nothing else. Guess I'll need to order it.