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Monday, September 9, 2013

Review: Wet n' Wild Fergie LE Shimmer Eye Primer!

Hello beauties! I'm back with another review, I'm making sure to bring you this promptly since the Fergie Shimmer eye primer is limited edition! I believe it is exclusively at Walgreens, so if you are interested get your hands on it now while you can! Since the Wet n Wild "take on the day" original formula eye primer is my holy grail primer, I was so excited when I heard this was part of the fall collection! Note: this post is picture heavy!

The deets:

Wet n Wild Shimmer Take on the day Eyeshadow Primer
Claims: Prep & Prime, Lasts All Day, Never Creases
"Shade": A little party...
Amount: 0.34 fl oz
FYI, it is also cruelty free! :)

Just wanted to point out something I found rather interesting:

 I don't know if it was just the tube I bought but there was noticeably LESS product in the Shimmer formula primer compared to my original which has been used quite a bit. This kind of annoyed me, but I will probably be using the Shimmer formula less anyway (since I love matte shadows!) so it's all good! Just a heads up. Now on to swatches!

The color of the primer comes across as a shimmery champagne, almost rose gold color. But it also changes in the light it looks almost silver toned on the eyes. It's interesting and would look pretty cool just on it's own IMO!

Primer lightly applied on my eye without shadow. Note: you could get more color payoff if you used more product.
Next step was to test this baby out! First, I wanted to see if it was just as good as the original formula! So, on Saturday I primed my left eye with the shimmer primer and my right eye with the original.

Shimmer formula on left side eye, Original formula on right side & eye.

To the trained eye you can see it's definitely more shimmery on the left side, it's was even more apparent in person! I also used a matte shadow in the crease, so it will turn your matte shades into slightly shimmery ones from what I've experienced thus far. So I wore this look from about 10 am till 6 pm on Saturday, then our power went out (for the night!) and I had to make a mad dash to the shower before the built up hot water was gone! So here is the look at 6pm:

After 8 hours of wear! Left pic: Shimmer eye Right pic: Matte eye (L), Shimmer eye (R)
So after 8 hours there was no creasing or even fading! I knew the original formula could do that, no problem but I very happy to see that shimmer formula could do it as well!

So the next day I put the shimmer formula to the ultimate test: 12 hours! It was actually a little more than that but I had a busy day of family time and running around! So let's how the primer and my shadow fared!

Sorry about the different lighting 9am: natural light, 9pm: artificial light

As you can see there is no creasing! The bottom picture appears that the eyeshadow may of faded a little bit, but it is the difference in light source for the photo! I made sure to examine the shadow through out the day and it held up very well! Better than my eyeliner in some places as you can see from the 9pm picture lol

ignore my ratchet eyeliner haha

Over all I am very impressed! If you need a great, cheap eyeshadow primer I would recommend the shimmer and the original! If you're a glitter girl I would say you definitely want to try and get your hands on the Shimmer formula while you can! Any primer that can keep your eyeshadow on for more than 12 hours without ANY creasing, is a winner in my book.

What do you ladies think? Are you interested in the shimmer version? How do you think the eyeshadow wore on my lids? Please comment below and let me know :)

Thanks so much for reading, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Until next time,

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  1. This sounds like a great product and it looks great on you. It still looks amazing after 12 hours.