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Friday, September 6, 2013

H54F: Cosmetic Job Interview, Mac Dupe & more!

Hello beauties! I hope everyone had a good week and is looking forward to a fabulous weekend, this is my 2nd installment of high five for Friday {H54F} which, if you don't what that is, a lovely blogger by the name of Lauren Elizabeth recaps her week and encourages others to do the same! It's quite fun... plus I had some beauty related things happen to me throughout the week, so let's get started! :)

Wednesday I got a called from my dream beauty & retail job... Sephora! Wanting to know if I had time to interview on Thursday, uh... of course! I've been trying to score an interview there for months, so to say I was excited was an understatement! So I took pictures of the eye makeup I wore to the interview because I was really happy with the way it came out! I stuck to neutral eyes because I didn't want to be too over the top since it was an interview, but still wanted to show off some skill level! Haha

No edits/no filter

My shadows appeared slightly darker/more smokey in person, just an FYI. I was super happy with the way it came out and I was really impressed with the false lashes I used, they are pretty natural and looked great!

How to get the look:
[Maximize for more detail!} L to R: Wet n Wild Vanity Palette, Wet n Wild "walking on eggshells", Mac's naked pigment

1. First I used middle shade on the left side of  Wet n Wild's Vanity palette  it is a light brown matte shade and I applied this in my crease, I know a lot of people do their lid color first but I've found I can blend things out easier and get a better effect if I apply my crease color first {I can always add to it along the way if I want} it's just what works for my slightly hooded eyes!

2. Next I applied the eyelid shade of Wet n Wild's walking on eggshells trio {on sale right now at Walgreens for 2 dollars!} to my eyelid, this is a gorgeous slightly pink champagne shade a supposed dupe for Mac's Naked Lunch I believe!

3. I then went back to the Vanity Palette and applied the dark matte brown shade on the bottom left to the outer v of my crease and outer lid as well.

4. I then took Mac's Naked pigment on a slightly damp flat shader brush and applied this just to the center of my lid to add some extra sparkle and dimension, I HIGHLY recommend doing this, it really brightens and opens up the eye. A good drugstore alternative to this I think would be L'Oreal eyeshadow in Iced Latte.

5. Next I popped a little bit of the matte cream shade in the Vanity palette right below my eyebrow for a highlight, then I couldn't help but to put a tiny bit of the naked pigment there as well!

6. I then used Jordana's Metal Rocks Eyeliner in "Purple Prism" on the outer half of my bottom lash line, the color is more of a dusty plum with slight shimmer. It's so pretty and extremely long lasting {12+ hours without coming out or smudging!} It's one of my absolute favorite pencil eyeliners and it's 3 dollars!

7. Then I used my Revlon Precision Lash Glue {which is great because it has a tiny brush to brush the glue directly ON the lashes!} waited 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky and applied Modlash Andrea 21 false eyelashes with little to no problem! These lashes are great if you are looking for something more natural or you have smaller set/slight hooded eyes because they do not over power or eye or hide all the work you put into your eyeshadow!

What do you ladies think!? The lashes gave me an extra boost of confidence since I rarely wear them, but if I get the Sephora it would be the perfect opperunity to wear them regularly! Btw, I think the interview went really well, the manager I interview with was super nice and friendly, so cross your fingers for me! :)

Mac Lipstick Dupe!:

I accidentally discovered a Mac lipstick dupe yesterday, I swatched Milani's Plumrose and instantly thought of  Mac's Craving sure enough when I compared them side by side they're pretty much identical! I know the Milani shade looks a bit lighter in the picture, but trust me it's just the lighting! This is the perfect berry, plum shade for fall I'm so glad to of found a cheaper dupe!
Mac swatch on top, Milani on the bottom

 That about wraps it up ladies, I hope all of you have a super stellar weekend! Please let me know what your think of my interview makeup look in a comment! Until next time,

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  1. Great look! You're lashes look really nice. Hope your interview went well!

  2. oh I hope it is a dupe and last pretty good too?????? I mean..the dupe looks right on..I ordered it..the Milani..never feels good and last pretty good? I love the color..and not the high price tag..tytytyt